Demand Planning Software.

Improving the accuracy of forecasts,
aligning inventory with demand and enhancing profitability.

SAFIO Solutions is a Cloud Based, Forecasting Solution for Inventory Optimization

Enables planners and business analysts the confidence and freedom to focus on what they were trained to do – forecasting!

And provides senior leaders the confidence to adjust to changes in their business


SAFIO Solutions helps prepare vital data, then organize it into a meaningful hierarchy.  Specific forecasting attributes are assigned to each product, enabling the user to analyze sales data and make strategic decisions to maximize sales and profitability.


By applying demand trend to customized sales curves, the user is able to forecast future demand.  Demand is then compared to current inventory, open orders, and vendor lead times, giving users alerts when action is required.


SAFIO Solutions helps match supply to expected demand, reducing the cost of carrying excess inventory as well as increasing cash flow and operational efficiencies.

Forecast with confidence.
Make accurate inventory decisions that improve your bottom line.

What Is SAFIO Solutions

SAFIO Solutions is a cloud based, forecasting software solution for inventory optimization, delivering a comprehensive platform that provides vision, efficiency and analytics to make strategic decisions for improved operational performance.

Utilizing a proprietary Sales Analysis & Forecasting Tool, SAFIO Solutions integrates a client’s vital data into a single, convenient and user-friendly interface, one that is intuitive to the information a planner needs to make impactful and efficient decisions, because it was developed by a planner.

Get the reporting and analytics needed to focus on emerging trends, opportunities and liabilities where action can then be taken to achieve desired results.

Gain the confidence to forecast simply, efficiently and accurately. Available to use on multiple devices wherever you are: at home, in the office or traveling.

How SAFIO Solutions Can Help

SAFIO Solutions makes the forecasting process efficient and effective.  Whether sales and inventory data is in one location or many, SAFIO Solutions connects all channels and gathers all vital data into the Sales Analysis & Forecasting platform.  An easy to use interface displays all information needed to make effective forecasting and purchasing decisions on one screen, helping to optimize inventory.

Get the vision into vital data through the SAFIO Solutions forecasting and data analytics platform.  Customized visualization dashboards and reports are included for quick insights to the overall business or a deep-dive into the details.  Expert planners on staff help guide through the integration process, provide training and offer assistance.  The SAFIO Solutions forecasting platform will save time and money, help to improve KPI’s and provide return on investment in a short amount of time.